Explainer Videos

Explainer videos has been proven to be THE best way to deliver tell your story, why? Because ever since we were kids, we all loved watching cartoons, the endless schemes of the Road Runner, Grendizer’s epic battles and of course our beloved Captain Majid. These animations carry deep fond memories in all of us. That’s simply because animation videos they are entertaining to watch and hence engage with your prospects a lot more than the traditional features-listing corporate videos, you can be seen as an innovative and great company no matter what industry you’re in, remember, first impressions are often the last.

Well-designed explainer videos focus on putting your target audience at the epicenter of the story, not stiffy outdated branding guidelines. While we know how important it is to stay on brand, no studio in the Middle East has the amount of experience our in-house team have gathered with over 700 animated videos delivered, we are proud to be the absolute best at what we do.

From the first creative brief to the final production, our creatives work tirelessly to create a unification of sound, voice and imagery that consistently results in a narrative that is as memorable as your grandma’s mloukhieh.

Our unique and entertaining characters appeal to a diverse array of audiences and are the perfect medium for conveying stories and concepts.

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